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Monday, 12 December 2011
another brand new post

LOL. I've stopped posting .... again!! 
But I'll try to keep updating, for those that are bothered to check my blog!
btw. please tag/comment, i don't wanna be a loner posting to my self. 

Boring myself out during the summer vacation, there literally is nothing to do. 
daily routine: sleep, drink/eat, social networking (facebook, blogger, skype etc.), , random bits of useless homework that mum makes me do, eat, watch asian drama, eat, more social networking ..... 
interesting routine right? 
I've also been baking since its really really boring at home. 
so far I've made a batch of cookies, cupcakes and gingerbread man (supposed to be a Christmas gingerbread house, but I couldn't be bothered). 
relief, they turned out pretty well, i burnt half of the cookies as i left it in the oven and forgot. ooppps!
such a improvement of baking skills ........................ !!!proud!! 

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