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Wednesday, 28 December 2011
life update

hope everyone had a amazing christmas! 

So bored, stuck at home for Christmas this year. ;(
At least I got some descent Christmas presents this year!
So far, i got a camera (Sony Cybershot) from my parents, a necklace (Aika from Kimmidoll collection) from a family friend, a dragonfly necklace from mum (it was on sale, so mum got it for me), 2PM Don't Stop Can't Stop Album and Big Bang phone charm from a friend, two boxes of chocolate (Lindor and Ferro Rocher). 
.... I'll post pictures soon, if I ever figure out how to use the camera.... 

My neighbours (from three blocks away) are also driving me mad. Its summer in Australia at the moment, so backyard Christmas parties are certainly the thing. But those neighbours decided to be inconsiderate and play music out loud through massive stereos in their backyard at 1:00am at night. I live three houses away from them, and I can still hear the music (even the lyrics) from my bedroom upstairs. I really wanted to pour 40L of water right in their backyard. 

Also, I brought two bottles of Rimell Nail Polish (Star Kiss, Grape Sorbet) since it was on sale for $5 each. 
But it was only okayish, not as good as I expected, the brush was huge, basically covered my whole nail with dripping polish, and the 60second nailpolish dried quickly but was very sheer, so it needed like 3-4 coats, and that took at least 5 minutes. It colors were pretty though, and the price was reasonable. :) 

I'll start the 10 Day Music Challenge sometime when I can be bothered. 

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